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Why tourism?



Careers in tourism offer a wide choice of positions and potential employers. Need to move? Want to try a seasonal position in a new and exciting location for a summer? Want to get paid to travel? Tourism offers the flexibility and freedom to try new things.


Unlike many industries, it doesn't require an expensive education or student loans to start a career in tourism. This industry is known for promoting from within. There are many tourism business owners in Maine who started in the industry as cashiers, servers, ride attendants, and line cooks.

You will never be bored! Working in this industry means you will regularly meet new people, experience new things, and take on interesting and engaging challenges. No two days will ever be the same. Tourism is a dynamic and exciting field for those who thrive on the unexpected.


There's a place for everyone in this industry. Whatever your personality, you will find a niche that offers respect to you for simply being who you are. Social butterflies, serious analytical types, driven type-As, fastidious organizers, caretakers, and everything in-between, there's a space for your approach.  


The tourism and hospitality sector has remained relatively stable over time--people always need a place to eat and sleep. Even in the Covid 19 pandemic, the industry bounced back almost immediately to previous levels and has continued to grow. Tourism has been a backbone of the Maine economy for over 100 years and it will continue to be for the next 100 years.

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